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I loved watching review videos on YouTube after the birth of my child, and that is where I first came across TotAha. If you don't know yet, let me tell you, TotAha is a company with various baby products. The product I came across was a baby nest. The reviewer was speaking so highly of this USA-based company.

To my wonder, I figured baby products and started loving them for my baby. My heart rejoiced at the vast collection of baby nests and much more. I thought when TotAha was presenting a great range of products reasonably, then why use DockATot always? Quite expensive. So, I hit on the reviews about the company, and believe me, I was speechless.

I then got a bee in the bonnet to have a look at the products. I rushed onto the Amazon site and selected three baby loungers for my baby. And that resulted in my craze with the products of totAha. I highly recommend all mommies to give TotAha a chance, and you are gonna love it.

TotAha is indeed making parents' life easier. TotAha brand is marked as one of the best brands in the USA for baby products.

TotAha offers a vast compass of baby nests and head pillows to make your baby sleep faster, and peaceful sleep leads to a happier life. TotAha is never late to ensure the well-being of babies and toddlers.
TotAha aims to relieve the parents and style them into confident parenting. With their unique products, parents can handily calm, guard, and cheer their newborn.

Say bye to stains with their organic made stuff! They are gonna win hearts for sure.

newborn nest

TotAha Brand Review: Baby Nest

As an Amazon Primers, I got my hands on my parcel from TotAha quite quickly. The packaging of the parcel was excellent enough. Only a few of the brands have the potential to do so, and TotAha is one of them.

I have owned various sorts of baby products to put my baby asleep, but all in vain. My baby awakens every time until he is being held as he hates being swaddled. But when I got this baby nest, it made me carefree. It imprints a great impression on me.

This baby nest is long, plus the cover is made of exclusive material. The cover is made of 100% prime cotton and possesses some weight. The baby nest looks attractive, shiny, and stylish, and it also has a pretty trademark on the top.

I am obsessed with TotAha baby nest. It feels soft, smooth, and easy to clean. No doubt incredibly well made, and the material is phenomenal. I can place it wherever I want, either on the sofa, carpet, or in a living room.

My baby enjoys safe and sound sleep in it as it is so cushy and gives me peace of mind that my baby is secure in it, just like in the mother's lap. I have found this baby nest coziest place outside the mothers’ arms.

In the words of another mom:

TotAha baby nests are fantastic to use. I received my baby nests in a fantastic packaging box. I ordered them for my six-month-old baby. I have a positive outlook on my order. The baby nest was a white, shiny surface embellished with a red tag, making it look more gorgeous.

I put my baby to sleep in it in the daytime, leaving her on my living room floor. She enjoys a better and longer sleep full of sweet dreams. With the help of TotAha comfortable baby nest, I can tackle my household work efficiently, and the baby does not wake up early.

This beautiful and secured baby nest supports the baby to stabilize her movements.

TotAha baby nests possess child-safe zippers around so that baby may not roll over when it turns. Zippers are pulled at 360% position.

TotAha baby nest is the best replacement for DockATot, with quite the same features at affordable prices.

Giving the advantage of portable bags and nests, one can travel easily without any fear. Our baby nests let the babies watch the world go by.

Millions of parents rely on the miracle of our products for massaging time, tummy, and fun time.

Top TotAha Products Pick at a Glance

The product that had my attention most at the TotAha is their new TotAha Superior Dock. One can use it for babies under 0-12+ months. This product offers an excellent, best spot for sitting, playing, enjoying snacks, and cuddling.

There is nothing to worry about for the mommies are TotAha Superior Dock ensures the baby's well-being.

For a Newborn baby, TotAha Superior Dock is easy to handle, breathable comes with a protective sealing, and is wrapped in a washable cover. It is the best alternative for DockATot and costs less than it. I will highly recommend my fellow mommies to get this for your baby and feel free.

TotAha baby nests have a feature to extend as the baby grows. Belts are expandable to create more room for babies.

Also, TotAha offers baby bibs, spare covers, and storage bags. TotAha's Spare covers are more compatible than DockATot as you can wash them in various ways. It's totally up to you.
Moreover, comparing DockATot with TotAha, DockATot baby products are only usable for babies under 8 months and are high-priced.

TotAha baby Pillows

Are you mommies worried about your newborn head shape? Keep calm!

TotAha introduces high-quality flat head shaping pillows for infants.

To shape your baby's head, they have come up with a multi-sided thermoregulating baby pillow that helps to put family, friends, and your baby in an exact peaceful position.

TotAha head pillows assure you 100% leading quality and Superior baby pillow for comfort.

Some of the benefits that I came across while using their head baby pillow are as follows.
👉Made up of pure cotton
👉Baby skin-friendly
👉Temperature controlled

TotAha flat head baby pillows are worth offering. I purchased it for my three-month-old baby as he did not enjoy sound sleep and an anti-flat head. But my worries are no more! This is insanely the best pillow, much softer than ever imagined.

My baby is more relaxed and comfortable with the pillow. I have noticed a significant difference in flat fleck over his head. I'm so happy about my purchase. It is satisfactory. It is a must-have baby product. One won't regret its' purchase.


Is TotAha a Good Brand?

TotAha is definitely a good brand. Their products offer your child a sound sleep and a bright future. TotAha takes responsibility for your baby's security and comfort. They value your loved ones.

While doing research for this review, I came across that they have worked really hard so far and promise to bring you all the super quality baby loungers, pillows, and other various products.

Some of the primary reasons why you need to choose TotAha are as follows
👉TotAha products are CPSIA Certified.
👉TotAha proudly wears a label of OEKOTEX (free from harmful chemicals).
👉Baby products are made of pure cotton, which helps in easy washing.
👉TotAha have trusted and ten years skilled workers
👉Assist you in a fair trading
👉Make the best use of recycled substances and assist in reducing pollution.

TotAha is in high demand for baby products due to longevity, nattiness, and sustainability. Besides dockATot, this one brand fits the pocket of every second person. You cannot resist buying baby products from TotAha for your little ones.

TotAha is doing great in the making of products except with few gloomy points. Just have a look on google about your favorite product, and you will get detailed information about it on the top.

They are good at offering fast and reliable shipping, 100 % secure ordering, guaranteed delivery, easy returns, and most importantly, your privacy is valued.

All orders are made with the utmost care to meet all their customer's needs.

TotAha takes pride in delivering a good product at the exact time and right place.

TotAha always strives hard to show the profession to make you feel good and happier when you cash and carry.

TotAha Review FAQ

1.What does TotAha sell?

TotAha is known for producing and ensuring its' services in baby products. The products include baby flat head pillows, infant floor seats, bed covers, baby bibs, replacement pads, replacement tubes, and baby loungers.

Shopping with TotAha does not consume much time and saves money.

2.How long can I use my TotAha infant nest?

TotAha infant nest has gained its' recognition worldwide. Infant nests provided at TotAha are created to fit for the use of babies up to 1 year. For babies older than 12 months, superior+ totAha infant nests are favored.

3.Can TotAha baby nest for co-sleeping?

TotAha baby nests are non-virtuous for co-sleeping purposes. This increases the chance of rolling over. Parents need to place the baby's nest on the floor or carpets to avoid the falling of babies. Babies,

when allowed for co-sleeping, must have strict supervision. TotAha baby nests are decent only for daytime napping.


To wrap up! I can confess that TotAha is perfectly incredible in the manufacturing of baby products. It notices all the material that ensures its quality, which raises its' standard and allows the customer to trust it.

The customer service is well. They also make sure about the warranty of their products. Indeed, TotAha has put its entire effort into bringing you the best out of the box.


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