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Our Beginnings

Do you know? We are parents just like you.

Five years ago, being a parent for the first time, to find truly safe and comfortable products for our children is complex than we thought.

After trying hundreds of baby products, we were disappointed. It seems that all businesses will exaggerate their product features and especially the raw materials.

When I got a deeper understanding of this industry, the facts made me even more desperate.

I took advantage of my husband being a materials scientist. After visiting eleven countries with him,we finally had the confidence to create a brand that can reassure all parents.

For example, for our TotAha Superior series, the cotton is from Australia, the dyed fabric is from New Zealand, and the textile is from Taiwan.The final hand-made process was finished in Asia by an average of 20-year experienced craftsmen.

Of course, we know that there is still a long way to go to perfection. We always try our 200% of efforts to solve all customers needs, just like treating the products.

At TotAha, we believe deeply in a world of good, where being well-slept leads to a happier life. We believe in ensuring the safety of babies.

We believe in helping parents feel confident and secure, calming and comforting their baby.

Together, we create a better world for the future.
Rechal.S & Michael. Gu

More Than TotAha

Give Your Child A better Sleep And Another Child A Better Future

With each purchase, you help to provide jobs that pay a living wage to more than 100 mothers in Istanbul, Turkey.

Many of our Moms are refugees from Syria, working hard to provide necessities for their families while they rebuild their lives in a new country.

When you buy one of TotAha's organic products, you empower a mother.

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