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We care about babies' safety so much, so we made TotAha. A truly worry-free USA Brand for Baby Products. We can assure you that every single piece of it complies with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 (testing for harmful substances), and features air permeability. That's the only way we can 100% ensure our families, friends, and our own babies can truly enjoy the natural, harmless, and safest superior products at a fair price.

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Bring Mother's Love to the World

You're my sunshine,you're my star,you're my everything.
TotAha Vs Docktot
When we took TotAha and DockAtot both apart to wash we couldnt tell the difference between the two inside stuff...
flat head baby pillow
I am advising you based on my personal experience. I went online and researched, and a helmet with Totaha’s anti-flat baby pillow was one of the items I immediately purchased. 
TotAha Baby Pillow Review - TotAha
Unlike other shaped pillows on the market, the TotAha baby pillow has a good zoning design, a curved surface shaped area...

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