TotAha VS. DockATot

TotAha vs Dockatot


Dear mammies, are you dreaming about a good baby lounger for your little ones as an alternative for the highly-priced DockATot baby loungers?

Relax! Take it easy. Here, I’m going to share my experience with you.

To my experience, I have twins and I was given a DockATot and we did not want to spend that much on another purchase of a DockATot. I searched for DockATot alternative and found TotAha the best one. Customer's reviews and its fantastic collection made me buy their baby lounger product.

Since then, we all sleep peacefully, my husband and I tend to babies need without having to physically get up every time. My baby sleeps well and comfortably in TotAha baby lounger than DockATot due to soft pads it contain. I'm just loving this product and prefer it every time.

TotAha is offering amazing baby loungers made of natural organic material which suits the skin of a baby and are available at budget-friendly prices. The quality and reliability of the TotAha baby lounger are beyond words. TotAha brand is making its name due to its unique and simple artistic baby loungers that fit everyone's pocket.

TotAha is sure, making use of reliable and cautious material that does not irritate tha skin and helps increase the laughter of babies, which seems joyful to our mammies. After receiving my parcel, I felt happy, and my baby boo loved it too as it is so cozy. It reassures comfort and consequently promotes a better nap.

TotAha also offers washable baby covers. The covers seem super sleek, shiny, and beautiful white. We are also offering printed covers for our fashionable mammies. TotAha baby pods are crafted in ways that make a baby feel like he/she is being hugged by their mammies as they sleep. TotAha baby loungers are grabbing the attention of mammies due to extremely fantastic, high-quality cotton stuff and beautiful, iconic designs.


TotAha VS DockATot Comparison Chart


DockATot and TotAha both are reliable and well-known among mammies, but the latter one is more useful. It is available at reasonable prices and provides good comfort to babies.

Another comparison between the two is as follow:

TotAha baby loungers are fit for use for babies aging 0-12 months. At the same time, DockATot Deluxe baby loungers are perfect for ages between 0-8 months. My preference is always TotAha baby lounger. These baby loungers are an excellent solution for infants and newborns. In comparison, DockATot Deluxe baby loungers are suitable for infants as well as toddlers.

I notice that TotAha Superior infant baby loungers are made from 100% pure cotton and polyester fibers which are hygienic and are more fluffy.

DockATot Deluxe baby loungers are also made of the same material but do not result in the fluffiness of the loungers. TotAha Superior Dock baby loungers give a feel of a hug to the baby with its fluffy tubes, while DockATot Deluxe baby loungers do not.

TotAha Superior Dock baby loungers are best for my infants and provide them with a sound sleep. DockATot Deluxe baby loungers provide more room as my baby starts to grow but it does not provide my baby a good sleep. TotAha Superior Dock baby loungers have about 14 styles with significant collection. But I do not notice any wide collection of DockATot Deluxe baby loungers. It has 23 specific styles with colors.

TotAha baby loungers have two buckles at the end to provide firm effect. DockATot Deluxe baby lounger only contains a single buckle at the end.

TotAha baby lounger's pad thickness is 1.5 times greater than that of DockATot Deluxe baby lounger. This feature makes TotAha more reliable. My beautiful TotAha Superior Dock baby lounger is best for babysitting, playing, eating, cuddling, and nap time. When I used to use DockATot, I had to put an eye check on my infant.

knock off DockAtot

I think TotAha is the best choice for mammies to calm and comfort their babies with the pocket-friendly product. In contrast, DockATot baby loungers are too expensive to buy. They do not fit everyone’s pocket.

TotAha VS DockATot- How These Two Baby Loungers Differ?

TotAha and DockATot baby loungers differ considerably from each other. TotAha baby loungers are present in a versatile nature.
These two differ based on age (size), material, designs, and comfort level.

Size and Age Recommendations

TotAha baby lounger is a necessity for newborn babies or infants. My choice is TotAha as it provides my baby with the same love and comfort as a mother's lap. So, TotAha baby lounger should be your priority.

My new obsession, TotAha Superior Dock baby loungers fit best to the 0-12+ months babies. This TotAha newborn baby loungers measure 29 x 18 x 5.7 inches in dimensions and last longer than that of DockATot baby loungers. While DockATot baby loungers measure 18 inches wide x 29-34 inches long.

While DockATot baby loungers are available in sizes such as Deluxe and Grand baby, DockATot Deluxe baby loungers are for babies of 0-8 months old.

According to most mammies, DockATot is not suitable for co-sleeping as your baby my and their baby can not sleep in this baby lounger all night. Strict supervision is necessary for such loungers. DockATot Deluxe baby loungers are not good as these loungers provide too much heat sensation to my little one. While TotAha baby loungers does not over heat my baby and console the baby boo in a magical way.

Material Used (Fabric)

The foremost and the necessary thing to look into the lounger is the material used.

As you know, the lounger material has a significant effect on the baby's skin. Due to the sensitive skin of newborn babies, the use of chemical-based material is useless. It may cause harm to the skin.

I firstly notice that my TotAha baby loungers are specially made of soft materials such as pure organic cotton. Its organic cotton is chemically testified and puts a soothing and gentle effect on my baby's skin. My baby love to play with this lounger. The good thing I noticed in my baby lounger is that TotAha uses polyester fiber to make the inner tubes of the baby loungers, which are packed in a non-woven tube cover.

My TotAha baby lounger fabric is Oeko-Tex 100% certified having a tag on it, breathable and hypoallergenic material regulates the sleeping temperature of my baby. Baby lounger's soft-touching aggravates the desire of my little one to play and cuddle with it. This TotAha baby lounger minimizes the need for a womb, serve as the best spot for my baby to play, cuddle, sit, enjoy meals, and during diaper changes.

DockATot Deluxe baby loungers also comprise polyester and cotton material but do not provide your babies a peaceful and safe nap. DockATot baby lounger comes with a padded cushions which are less soft and provide a hard effect to my baby, which is not suitable for him. TotAha baby loungers helps me to save my money and do not suffer any quality.


TotAha baby loungers and DockATot baby loungers are available in various shapes and designs, which attract customers, but the price differences between the two.

I got my parcel of TotAha baby lounger which was in a rectangular form with elephant design and looked so chic.I also came across attractive color collection on Amazon that makes them too unique and stylish. Less raised bumpers help in the easy turning of the sides. It is easy for me to pop it on the bench, sofa, couch, floor, living room, carpet, and table. It is great!

My TotAha baby lounger has a double handle and is portable. I can easily carry it for outdoor movements and traveling purposes. TotAha baby lounger is a safe and healthy place my baby.

DockATot Deluxe baby loungers provide more room to the baby when he is growing. Bumps of the baby lounger rise. The downside of DockATot Deluxe baby loungers are that the raised tubes of these loungers restrict the proper flow of air, which is necessary for the infants. So, I will recommend all mammies to get TotAha.

Moreover, the price is the demerit of DockATot Deluxe baby loungers. Most of the mothers are unable to purchase these to provide comfort to babies. TotAha baby loungers are the best choice for me and should be for every mother around the globe for calming and soothing purposes.

How to Use TotAha and DockATot Baby Loungers?

My TotAha baby loungers are cool to minimize the need for a safe and secured feel of the mother's womb.

Just like swaddling, TotAha baby loungers are an obsession and provides comfort and calming effect to my newborns and infants.

TotAha baby loungers make my babies feel relax after spending about 280 days in the tight womb.

My TotAha baby lounger is feasible to use. I have to unzip the bag and pull it out. Now, it is all set for the use of newborns or infants. The use of TotAha baby loungers is undoubtedly a bonus for me. Its usage is not quite tricky like other various baby products I used before. My baby lounger contains a substantial piece of cardboard under the base area, which holds up onto the place with the help of a zip pocket. I can remove it from the base before using lounger.

I can also hold onto it if you want to. When I am going for a holiday to someone else's home, I attach it again with the cardboard back in, and it is good at maintaining the shape of the lounger. My baby lounger is feather-light, and helps me to quickly move it from one place to another. It also comes up with a handle woven into the lounger that makes it easy to carry.

My baby lounger has the advantage that I can carry it to parks, sports places, or to any event. I can also make my baby sit in it easily. My baby lounger protect my little one from any injury, and I can tackle my household work in no time. For setting my former DockATot Deluxe to use, I have to fix the child safety zippers on the sides of the DockATot and then unzip it. I have to bring out the bumper filling smoothly.

If I want to place the DockATot bumper into the bag again, I need to consistently push the bumper's filling into the cover and I find it quite difficult. Therefore, I prefer TotAha. Closing of the DockATot baby lounger’s zipper becomes easy when the two sides (fabric) of the baby loungers get closer enough. Plus I can also use DockATot Deluxe baby loungers for tummy time.

The raised bumpers of the DockATot baby loungers help to prop my baby up. It can help baby to get support before lying straight or flat on the floor. However, DockATot Deluxe baby lounger helps me change the baby's diaper.

DockATot Deluxe baby lounger provides the babies with warmth before we make them prepare to sleep or sit on the bed. In another mothers view, DockATot Deluxe lounger can be helpful at beaches and sport places and helps you to do your work with ease. DockATot Deluxe is not good because where the baby lays down descends towards the head instead of inclines. This causes baby to slanted head down and the baby spit more in his sleep.

Which Is Better? TotAha or DockATot? - Final Decision

DockAtot Alternatives

Both TotAha and DockATot baby nests and loungers are valuable in comforting and soothing my little one. They both try their best to provide a healthy and safe environment for my newborn baby after he comes into this world. However, every baby feels differently about their sleeping place.

I can find a wide variety of baby products offered by these two brands. TotAha and DockATot both use high-quality materials to manufacture the products.

TotAha Baby Loungers

TotAha baby lounger is a must-have product for me and other parents around the globe. The bonus for me is that my baby lounger provides easy cleaning of the sheets and covers. TotAha baby lounger pleases me and my newborn with the soft and cozy material. The hypoallergenic polyester provides a safe and maximum amount of oxygen to my newborns.

This baby lounger is designed in a way that my baby can hug it and provides him a safer place to cuddle. Its’ fabric is lightweight and breathable. Just wow! My baby feel nice and comfy while playing or sleeping in it. This baby lounger is airy, and it does not make my baby hot.

TotAha baby loungers comes with a removable cotton cover that I can wash with ease. My new obsession of TotAha baby loungers have the benefit of additional or separate new covers. My baby lounger cover is exceptionally soft and smooth. Its’ cotton pad also provides a quiet place to my child. It gives a womb-like sensation to him. What a good thing!

This cost-friendly baby lounger provides a peak level of comfort to my baby. My baby and I are loving it. I find a benefit that these baby loungers are priceless, and purchase without additional covers makes it so cheap. Hurry up mammies! Make a purchase and sooth your babies like mine. The material of my new baby lounger is much softer and 100% organic in nature. My Newborn has a feeling of cuddle while napping.

TotAha baby loungers possess child-safe zippers so that my baby may not roll over when it turns. I can pull the zippers at 360% position. My new baby lounger covers are easy to clean and wash. This beautiful and secured baby lounger supports my baby to stabilize her movement.

With TotAha baby loungers, my baby enjoys a better and longer sleep full of sweet dreams. With the help of TotAha comfortable baby lounger, I can do my household work efficiently, and the baby does not wake up early.

TotAha baby loungers are also crucial for moms with C-sections to handle their babies. It is also essential for playing and tummy time due to fewer raised bumpers. Like me, just click onto Amazon and see that TotAha also offers baby bibs, spare covers, and storage bags. Extra cases are compatible with DockATot, and I can easily clean them in any way. It's up to me.

DockATot Deluxe Baby Lounger

DockATot Deluxe baby loungers consist of a padded mattress. Provides baby a lot of room to grow and is reliable.

DockATot is best at changing the diaper of my baby due to adjustable ends.

I can use it for my infants and toddlers up to 36 months (Grand) because it does not squeeze. In addition to Cabana Kit to DockATot Deluxe baby loungers, the cover becomes water-proof which is a benefit for me when I am at beach. It also possesses a mosquito-protecting net.


Final Verdict!

TotAha baby loungers consist of pure cotton, are breathable, reliable, baby skin-friendly, air-permeable, and temperature controlled.

TotAha baby loungers also have a feature to extend as the baby grows. Belts get to expand to create more room for my baby. Another reason is that DockATot baby loungers was usable for my baby under the ages of 8 months and are high-priced whereas,

My TotAha baby loungers range from 0-12+months babies. I must say yes to TotAha. My TotAha baby lounger is the best replacement for DockATot Deluxe baby lounger with quite the same features at affordable prices. My happy baby makes me feel happy.

TotAha is never late to ensure the well-being of babies.


1.Is TotAha the Best Alternate for Dock A Tot?

Indeed, TotAha is the best knock off DockATot. It consists of 100% organic cotton having a hypoallergenic feature that does not harm the skin of babies.TotAha baby loungers also cost less than of DockATot baby loungers.

2.Is this Baby Lounger Easy to Clean?

The cleaning of a TotAha baby lounger is a bonus point for all. You have to remove the lounger cover, which is washable.

3.Is TotAha Safe for my Baby?

No worries! TotAha baby loungers provide a secure and safe environment for the babies.
We manufacture our product by using Oeko-Tex certification. Our baby loungers are pretty helpful for breathing.

4.Can I Use TotAha for Traveling?

Indeed! TotAha is the best for traveling purposes. It comes in a beautiful packaging bag which you can carry away with you. It consists of a handle woven into the lounger, which makes it easy to take away.

5.Which Is Better? TotAha or DockATot?

Undoubtedly, both have unique features which make them fit for babies, but the thing which makes TotAha the most leading baby lounger than that of DockATot is the price perspective.

6.Can TotAha Baby Lounger be Used in a Crib or Not?

TotAha baby lounger is applicable to use in a crib but with supervision. Do not leave your babies alone. You can use TotAha baby loungers to fit best on the sofa, carpet, in a living room, or on the floor.

7.Why Should I need a TotAha Baby Lounger?

TotAha baby lounger consists of a cushion that helps support your baby and gives a feeling of a hug. TotAha baby lounger is versatile due to its convenient nature, nursing facility, and tummy time. However, our baby loungers are good to use with careful supervision.You can find TotAha brand review for reference.


In my view, I believe that TotAha is the best brand of baby loungers or other products which are available at affordable prices.

Mammies must not worry about the newborns' comfort.

TotAha baby loungers are the best alternative to the DockATot baby loungers due to the perfect color and designs collection. TotAha baby loungers are soft, fluffy and provides every baby a happy napping.

We mammies love you and care for you our little ones.


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