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How TotAha Baby Pillow Helped My Baby Maintain A Perfect Head Shape


TotAha Baby Pillow


Bringing a newborn home from the hospital may be a stressful moment for a parent as they adjust to life as a more prominent family in the first few months. The number of things to be concerned about as a child grows might seem endless, and one of them is the baby's head shape.

When I initially had my daughter, I didn't want her to sleep at all since people around me told me that the baby's head would progressively alter and grow round as the baby would "turn around," so I let her sleep on her own. Then one day, I observed that the rear of her head was becoming longer and longer and that the top of her head was becoming angular and forming an irregular shape! I tried a variety of ways to get rid of the distinctive shape of my baby's head. Eventually, the baby's head shape improved. After a month, my baby's head shape now looks perfect.

TotAha newborn pillow

Here are some of the ideas that I find beneficial which may also be of great help to you.

 1️⃣Identify the sleeping posture issue.

I began by observing my child's sleeping position. I noticed that she sleeps with her head sideways when resting on her back since she lacks control over her sleeping posture. Her head shape became more uneven as a result of this. Following consultation with my doctor, I began ensuring that my kid slept on her side rather than her back. I always support her back with a nice cushion if I want to lie her on her back.

2️⃣Change your sleeping posture - back sleep + side sleep

At first, I let my baby sleep on her back throughout the day while keeping an eye on her (to avoid choking). Because she moves too much, I had to support the back of her head, which is responsible for the most protruding occipital bone issue. But I became subsequently concerned that the back of her head would become flat, so I improvised using a baby pillow.

After observing the potential effects, I began allowing my daughter to sleep on her left and right sides to alleviate the problem of angles. Both sides are more challenging to rest on than the back of the head for infants. However, there were a lot of improvements after trying this out.

3️⃣Choosing a baby pillow

Although I had received four or five shaped pillows from friends during my baby shower, I decided to go for the TotAha baby pillow. TotAha baby pillow is the latest trending and highly recommended baby pillow for an infant. The baby pillow uses imported antibacterial fiber filling and a washable pillow core to inhibit the growth of mites and germs, allowing the infant to sleep in a comfortable and safe environment while avoiding heat rashes.

Unlike other shaped pillows on the market, the TotAha baby pillow has a good zoning design, a curved surface shaped area, and a perfect height. It helps fit the baby's cervical spine line, effectively correcting its head shape and improving deviated and flat head conditions. There was a significant improvement in my baby's head shape after using the TotAha baby pillow.

The primary reasons I use a TotAha baby pillow are as follows:

👉Unlike other baby pillows, the TotAha baby pillow has a concave and flat center that provides full support for your baby.

👉The TotAha baby pillow has numerous outstanding features, including two projecting parts that provide solid comfort for the baby when they shift their head position during sleep.

Since my child became two months old, I've been using the TotAha baby pillow. Previously, I used a towel column to support her arms and head so he could sleep well, but my doctor advised me to try the TotAha baby pillow. Her sleep has been more comfortable and pleasant since then, and she has no concerns about her head shape. It is something I recommend moms attempt on their newborn kids.

In conclusion, my advice to all parents looking for a shaped baby pillow is as follows:

✅ The baby pillow's neck must be soft, as using a pillow for your child at this age is not recommended.

✅ The support must be enough, assisting the kid in maintaining a proper head shape.

I was concerned that my genetic husband's long head would influence the shape of my baby's head, but my baby's head is not only much better than before, but it is now perfect. All thanks to the TotAha baby pillow.


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