Behind the Brand

You care about the baby.TotAha make it easy to happen.

At TotAha, responsibility is a value that is near to our hearts. We go above and beyond ensuring all of our products are created with the finest materials. What does that mean exactly? It means that we put exhaustive research into the practices, materials and labor that go into the making of our products. For this reason we chose the Standard 100 Oeko-Tex Certification. 

More About TotAha


The United States CPSIA define the term “Chilren’s product”.Contribute to healthier indoorair with products tested for harmful chemeical emissions


Cotton made without harmful chemicals leads to cleaner soil and waterways--and gets softer with every wash


We work with experts of over 10-years-skilled artisans worldwide,helping to preserve time-honored techniques.


Help ensure fair and safe labour practices while empowering our workers to invest back in their communities.


Our reclaimed,recycled and responsibly harvested materials meet high social and environmental standards.


Decrease pollution by choosing products made from recycled materials.

From Our Factory

Our promise to you

Every choice we make is with your family in mind,form our rigorous testing to meet or exceed the highest industry standards to our dedication to envrionmental and social responsibility.

We've set a standard that requires extensive lead testing of our surfaces and materials to ensure our products exceed industry standards in many countries.

When you buy a TotAha, it comes with the assurance that every single piece of it — fibers, zippers, pull-tabs, buckles, nylon straps, sewing thread, fabrics (including cover fabric, non-woven liner fabric, protective sleeve fabric), pad wadding.

With the assurance of the highest CPSIA certification, you can relax knowing that the fabric close to your baby is safe for your baby and tested above and beyond for health-hazardous substances in children’s products.

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